Carisma was created to insure fleets. The company operates from its headquarters in Ireland and is in the process of becoming authorised under the supervision of the Central Bank of Ireland.  Its ambition is to extend the benefit of traditional underwriting and fleet risk management to new mobility actors addressing existing technological and regulatory challenges, in order to create flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions for the benefit of its clients and partners. Our  regulatory strategy aims to provide our stakeholders with confidence, while at the same time ensuring client protection at a professional level, providing a mix of strong product provision, design and development to satisfy both the wants of the corporate fleet market and the special needs of its users.  Carisma is actively looking for opportunities to create solutions for affinity partners considering to outsource the risk management of their fleet portfolio to an expert, with the main decision-maker on the client side likely to be the legal, procurement, marketing and fleet/risk manager, and is developing a distribution network with brokers that share its innovation and customer protection values.